A veteran of the Malaysian film industry, Wan Hanafi Su started his acting career in the early 1970’s and has since appeared in numerous Malaysian films and telemovies. Awards that he has received include Best Actor at the Anugerah Skrin 2013 for his role in TV drama Hari-Hari Terakhir Seorang Seniman, Best TV Actor at the Angkasa Seri Awards 2005 for Anak Penarik Beca and Best Supporting Actor at the Anugerah Sri Angkasa 1995 for TV drama Percintaan. . He is one of the most respected and revered actor in the Malaysian film industry.

Laga (2014), Kisah Paling Gangster, Dampak, Tokan, Paku Pontianak (2013), Bunohan, Halim Munan, 29 Februari, Prince Of The City (2012), Sejakala , Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa (2011), Susuk (2008), Jogho (2009)



Soffi Jikan’s acting career started in 2003 where his performance in Paloh attracted the attention of famed director Mamat Khalid. Since then he has been a constant cast in Mamat Khalid’s film such as Man Laksa and the very popular film franchise; Zombie Kampung Pisang, Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah, Zombie Kilang Biskut and has appeared as key supporting role in many films.

In 2011, he was awarded Best Supporting Actor at the 24th Malaysian Film Festival for his role in KL Gangster.

Hantu Nan Sempit, Abang Long Fadil, Zombie Kilang Biskut (2014), KL Gangster 2, Pecah, Rock Ooo (2013), Kahwin 5, Jiwa Taiko, Bunohan, Jalan Kembali: Bohsia 2 (2012), Kantoi, KL Gangster (2011), Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah, Estet , Kapoww!! (2010), Setem (2009), Los dan Faun, Antoo Fighter, Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang (2008), Zombie Kampung Pisang, Chermin (2007), Man Laksa, Cinta (2006), Rock (2005), Paloh (2003)



Harun Salim Bachik first shot to public attention for his acting role in the television comedy drama series Rumah Kedai in the early 90’s. The television sitcom series Gado-Gado was the real stepping stone that propelled him into the acting world. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2006 for his role in Baik Punya Cilok at the 19th Malaysian Film Festival.

In 2011, he joined forces with Afdlin Shauki to form Boboi, a comedy group for the highly rated Astro TV competition called Maharaja Lawak Mega. Boboi was hugely popular.

Abang Long Fadil (2014), Ular, Lemak Kampung Santan, KIL, Bikers Kental, Bola Kampung The Movie, Lawak Ke Der! (2013), Cinta Kura-Kura, SAM: Saya Amat Mencintaimu, Aku, Kau & Dia, Jalan Kembali: Bohsia 2, Hoore! Hoore! (2012), Aku Bukan Tomboy, Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak (2011), Kapoww!!, Lu Pikirlah Sendiri de Movie (2010), Duhai Si Pari-Pari, My Spy, Papadom, Setem (2009), Antoo Fighter, Apa Kata Hati?, Cuci (2008), Man Laksa (2006), Baik Punya Cilok (2005), Menanti Hari Esok (1997)



Jalil Hamid is an award winning actor and comedian known for his role in many Malaysian telemovies, television drama series and films. He won the award for Most Popular Comedian in 1992 at the Anugerah Bintang Popular. He was nominated for Best Actor in the 11th Malaysian Film Festival for his role in Wanita Bertudung Hitam. In 1997, his role in Baginda directed by Aziz M Osman earned him the Best Supporting Male Actor award at the Malaysian Film Festival. He won Best Actor his role in the TV drama Nur Di Pintu Syurga at the 2006 Anugerah Skrin.

Jalil Hamid is also a recording artiste with a few albums to his name and is actively involved in theatrical plays.

Kahwin 5 (2012), Dalam Botol (2011), 2 hati 1 jiwa (2010), My Spy (2009), Pensil (2008), Budak Lapok, Kayangan, Zombie Kampung Pisang (2007), Tak Ori Tak Ok (2005), Buli (2004), Baginda (1997), Wanita Bertudung Hitam, Queen Control (1992), Driving School (1990).



Born in Tanjung Karang, Selangor, Azhan got involved in theatre in 1994 when he studied at The Art Academy of Malacca. He obtained a diploma in drama and later pursued a Performance Arts degree at Unimas Sarawak. His acting career started off in theatre. He was cast in the successful musical theatre production Lantai T.Pinkie acting alongside Nasha Aziz.

Azhan’s first foray into television was for a TV drama called Sesuci Cinta Sofia (2007). Azhan went back to theatre after that, working behind-the-scenes as a stage manager in a bangsawan (opera) production called Tengku Anum. Before long, he was back doing a musical theatre called Antara. His TV work includes the 25-episode television drama called Yusuff, Masyitah, Rintihan Kalbu, Dendam Orang Minyak, Gemilang, Tower 13, Suara Takdir, Habil Qabil and Supermak.

In 2011 he made his transition to the silver screen and has starred in number of films including Jalan Pintas (2011), KL Zombie, Aku Pilih Kamu, Kolumpo (2013).

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